We're all about discovering ways to
bring people together.

Tabero is an inclusive community built on great connections and good vibes. We bring people together around tables in restaurants and other dining-based events such as pop-ups and festivals to connect, network, meet people and make new friends. 

Being part of a community plays a fundamental role in an individual’s life, experiencing connection around common interests and values with others in a safe environment where nobody should ever feel isolated is at the core of our very own brand values.

Community is everything.

Tabero is both a booking platform and a social platform.

Whether you’re single, part of a couple or a group, Tabero helps people connect and navigate safely within a new community where you will meet new people and make new friends. 

Tabero is safe and easy to use.

Sign up is super simple and when viewing events, users can see others who have already booked. Join them!

Dating in Dublin. Tabero seat selection.

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