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No show? #DoATabero

You’d think there would be a lot of love for restaurants post-pandemic given the amount of time that we were not able to go to them and meet with our friends. Well, not as much as you might think. 

No shows, last minute cancellations, whatever you want to call them are such a pain point for restaurants. They’re disrespectful to the staff and also to the supply chain that gets affected. 

People failing to show up is a massive problem for the industry. The phone call – if they actually bother – to cancel 30 mins before a table of 8 are due to dine has always been an industry bugbear, but in times as challenging as these with energy costs at an all-time high and climbing, they are magnified exponentially. Although most restaurants have booking systems in place to help avoid the problematic no-shows, there is growing frustration about diners not turning up.

Whatever about a restaurant being empty because it isn’t any good, it is another thing entirely for a good restaurant to be fully booked and half empty because booked diners didn’t think they had to bother cancelling their booking. It’s a bit, ‘ah sure they’ll be grand’ kind of attitude. They won’t be grand. A table of 8 people not showing up could be 30% of a lunch trade that sustains a small team and wipe out the days profit. There’s the obvious food waste, then there’s the staff, the energy consumption, the supply chain of local producers and providers. There’s nothing grand about that and there is no easy fix. There are ways to help mitigate the problem and Tabero has tools to help by providing restaurants and other hospitality-based events with prepaid diners and guests.

A table of 8 people not showing up could be 20% of a lunch trade that sustains a small local business.

Tabero, an Irish dining-tech startup has identified a great opportunity for the industry to help eliminate no-shows, especially for lower-capacity restaurants. This is just part of a strong value proposition. Tabero also offers restaurants pre-paid diners, at no cost to the restaurant and without discounting.

Initially built to connect people around tables in restaurants around the world for more sociable dining events such as supper clubs and communal dining, the platform has identified an opportunity to support the hospitality industry while bringing people together and showing them another way to dine with new friends.

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