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Balance is not something you find;
it's something you create yourself.

Will the flexible work model lead to greater productivity and well-being amongst workers? It will if our social lives are equally as flexible. Without that flexibility we can’t really go very far beyond what we’ve been doing till now. We can’t go far without community either. Community brings opportunity and new ways to connect with others. For many of us, it’s not easy to meet people and make friends as an adult these days and trying to get that actual face-time has a value that’s appreciated and recognised by most of us.

I believe a balanced life is essential, and I try to make sure that all of our employees know that and live that way.

- Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce Tweet

The importance of work-life balance is valued more then ever. It’s easy to create a blurred line between home and office so we’ve got to make plans for our play time. It definitely takes effort to make it happen and while most of us are still compliant with level 5 restrictions, the vaccine rollout gives us hope. We’d all like it to be much faster and better managed it seems, but it’s happening now and the bounce back will come. Those roaring twenties that we’re hearing about so often bring us to places we can only dream of for now, like going out for dinner, going to the cinema and being able to sit close to others or heading off to a music festival, probably the go-to experience that a lot of us crave. Fields, beers, music, banter, hugs, new best friends, bumping into people, the random chats with strangers, making a connection over favourite band, song or food is the stuff of dreams. Our taste in food often reflects our appetite for other interests too, like our taste in people.

It’s good to connect with others that are going through the same sh!t as we are. Even planning for activities gives us hope. Being able to plan is such a big step forward.

Recently published; ‘Report of the Expert Group on Remote Working’ by The Western Development Commission; Whitaker Institute NUI Galway states – ‘Remote working offers significant benefits to the individual and to society. It can improve the work and personal lives of both rural and urban dwellers and offer new opportunities to both employers and employees… it can be transformative, sustainable, and to the benefit of all in the long run.’

Tabero is giving people opportunity to connect with others and the tools to manage those connections.

By focusing on developing features that support the decision-making process of establishing relationships, our innovative Irish startup Tabero is facilitating meeting with others around tables in restaurants and other dining-based events to make new friends, to network, reconnect with colleagues, fellow students and teams. Dining and food in particular brings people together in a way that nothing else does and we’re developing innovative features such as ‘recommendation algorithms’ to ensure that the digital signals are used to match diners for the best experiences and the highest likelihood of developing friendships and connections. 

Start planning to connect with others just like you and discover your work-life balance.

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