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Why are real connections so important?​

Real people and real connections are what makes us feel part of a community. Who doesn’t want to be connected with something that’s having a positive impact for us and for others? That’s a no brainer.

“It was the first time I attended a Tabero event and I had a blast. I actually made a new friend!”

 – Liat, Dublin.

Community and social connections are key ingredients for our well-being. Research has been telling us that there’s huge demand to connect, meet people and broaden our social circles with quality connections. Being part of a community whether you’re building one or joining one should be front and centre of your social networking agenda.

Keeping it real with people making real-life connections is something that you can do with Tabero – a community-based platform – that gives users the tools to meet with others around tables at dining events in restaurants, bars and other venues. Users can also create their own events on the platform, sell tickets and meet and connect with new friends while generating additional revenue for themselves. So whether it’s a table of 6 or a banquet for 600 it’s a no brainer as well.

What happens at a Tabero event?

Real people making real-life connections is what happens at Tabero events. When people arrive the conversations start straight away. It’s about feeling like you’ve somewhere to go to meet people and make those casual connects. Find new friends around tables in restaurants at dining events around your local town or city. #DoaTabero.

Tabero paint and dine art class supper club

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