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Something special happens when we surround ourselves with other people who share values that we hold dear. We’re hardwired to depend on one another for survival. Our brains naturally crave feelings of inclusion and acceptance to be part of a community. Deep down, people want to feel connected to others and what better way to connect with others than around a dining table. Would you dine with strangers?

If you knew that your circle of friends would grow because of the connections made around a dining table would it encourage you? There’s a cohort that embrace ‘different’ with ease. They are the ones comfortable with the unfamiliar. Unpredictability excites them.

For some, there is a level of apprehension that creates a sense of intrigue around something different, but deep down they know they really should try it. For others, the willingness to embrace the unknown is more challenging and that’s ok.

Would you dine with strangers if you knew there was an opportunity to connect with like minded people in an alternative social outlet? If those strangers were in the same position as you, a level playing field, would that make it easier for you to arrive into a restaurant, meet a group of people you do not know and sit with them? George Bernard Shaw said “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” And it is food that is the icebreaker that brings diners together and connects them on common ground.

Tabero as a company, is the facilitator, embracing the exploding sharing economy, safely through the obscenely large curveball of Covid 19.

Users get the chance to meet new people and make new friends in restaurants and private spaces around the world, starting in Dublin, a city that embraces diversity and difference.


‘The whole idea is brilliant and I knew straight away that it’s something I would love. I was 100% right’Anna

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