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Discover an amazing way to meet others while travelling for business.

Travelling for business in particular can be monotonous at the best of times and can make us feel disconnected especially when it comes to meeting others in towns and cities we are not familiar with.

Encouraging a stranger to take the place next to you by not placing your belongings in the seat, increases the chances for a new connection but is that likely to happen? 

There’s a lot of suggestions to help overcome that lack of connection such as getting out of that hotel room and going to a nearby café or restaurant or asking locals where they like to eat. Usually this provides a genuine local culinary experience but it is unlikely to present the opportunity to meet with others. Many people find it surprisingly easy to talk to a complete stranger but many people do not.

Fortunately, there are ways that benefit traveling for work whether solo or with others. Sharing dedicated tables to bring people together for communal dining experiences in restaurants provides an outlet to meet others that are on the road too. Tabero facilitates this by allowing users to sign up to a secure platform, choose a seat or seats at a dining event in a restaurant or other food or dining-based event such as a pop-up or festival and meet and eat with people looking for connections too.

Hotels can be very lonely and boring when going solo.

Some of our events combine an activity with a supper as a way to break the ice with strangers around tables in our selected host restaurants.

‘The whole idea is brilliant and I knew straight away that it’s something I would love. I was 100% right’Anna

At Tabero events, users can see who is already booked around a particular table in a particular restaurant. If they like the look of who has already booked, then they can join them at that table. 

If meeting somebody for the first time professionally, there’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the downtime before and after meetings to become more familiar with each other on a personal level. It’s a lot easier to establish a connection in a more relaxed setting and help deliver that business goal. 

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