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Dine, dare and discover in Dublin.

Meet people and make friends in an amazing new dining community.

There is real power in community and it can provide significant opportunity with a value proposition that is through the roof.

Many people love to experience new culinary adventures and if we’re to believe a lot of what we read of late in articles and in reports on consumer insights, then the desire for something different, for new experiences and opportunities in the dining space is set to escalate to levels not seen before. The broad shifts in consumer attitudes, values and behaviours around dining are changing. Is it about the food? Yes it is, but it is about much more than that. It is about connecting within a community. It is about meeting new people. It is about making new friends, like-minded individuals, couples or groups who want an alternative social outlet. People want moments of discovery and delight that enhance their day. They want to share their exciting stories and spaces with others. 

For a decade, there has been a global movement towards the exchange of all kinds of experiences through the use of secure platforms that enable peer-to-peer engagement across all areas of people’s lives such as travel and transport, two industries that have provided most opportunity by being open to disruption in many ways. Millennials, in particular, are saying it is ‘extremely important to prioritise experiences over material possessions’.

Dining alternatively in Dublin is now more available than ever with social media groups, secret dining, supper clubs, pop-ups and web-based platforms offering users the chance to sign up for something exciting and engaging where they get to dine with people looking for friendship and connection within new communities. Some of these platforms allow users to pick and choose the type of connection they can have, the type of people that make those connections possible.

‘I recently moved into town and was looking for cool things to do and I heard about Tabero. Loved the idea. The setting was lovely and the food was amazing. Highly recommend and will certainly #DoATabero again. – Paola

Meeting in groups;
Safety in numbers.

Imagine being able to see who has already booked around that table and have the opportunity to sit and dine with them or a particular group you like the look of. Think of it as group dating. Different to meeting one to one from a dating app where there is definitely pressure and expectation from both participants. What if the date isn’t going well, it’s difficult to get out of a one to one situation unless that friend making the emergency-I-have-to-go-phone-call comes to the rescue resulting with perfect timing due to prior organisation. 

Meeting in a group helps mitigate the awkwardness, the dreaded pressure, the get-out-clause. You just move on to the person around the table who’s talking your kind of talk. A bit like choosing from a menu.

Tabero is one such platform that allows both sides of a marketplace to connect within a new community and experience a great way to dine. A brand with a mission – “Connecting the world through food and friendship, creating opportunity through community” – is at the heart of this cultural shift where people have a desire to be as sociable as possible, flowing from one thing to the next-and helped, not hindered, by technology that is allowing them to connect online, then in person, around dining tables in restaurants and private spaces.

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Community is everything.

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