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Making friends in your 40's and 50's

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These are some of the most popular search terms used by people looking to find new friends as an adult. Good news! This means there’s a lot of people looking to do the same thing as you. You’re not alone wanting friends. Most people want friendships, but friendships evolve as we get older.

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So why is it so hard to make new friends when you get older? People have far more demands on their time. The voluntary nature of friendship can make creating genuine connections very challenging. Many search engine result sources will say ’join something’ like a book club or a community garden, get a dog, start a side hustle, take part in a local market, volunteer, connect with old friends, sign up for a craft class, go online. These are all valid ideas to improve your chances of making new friends. But go online and what? Online is a big big place and meeting people and finding new friends is a numbers game these days. For many of us there’s a lot of ambiguity about going online to meet people. There needs to a common denominator in place, something specific to help facilitate connections with others who have typed or spoken the same search terms into their browser. What there also needs to be is consistency.

Say yes to social events

‘This was my first event with Tabero and I had a great time. It’s never easy to show up at an event where you do not know anyone but every guest was open to chat and the conversation was flowing. Such a great way to make new friends. I look forward to the next Tabero events!’Christine

Regardless of where you meet people, you need to open yourself to opportunities to make friends. Social events won’t always guarantee friendships automatically but they can provide chances to practice social skills and meet new people. Ideally, the more exposure you have in being social with others, the easier it is going to get to meet people and make new friends in your 40’s and 50’s and beyond.

Before you seek to make new friends, make the time to meet them. There are tools out there to create opportunities. Joining a Meetup group like Tabero New Friends Dublin Dining Club will provide you with these opportunities to connect with others within a community that brings people together, safely around tables in restaurants and other dining and food-based events for unique dining experiences to meet people, network, make new friends and connections with others who are searching for the very same things as you.

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