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Food and friends -
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Our friends don’t just make us happier, they can make us healthier. Researchers from the University of Oxford found that the link between the number of friends and the ability to tolerate pain is due to the higher levels of endorphins in the body, the naturally produced feel-good chemicals that trigger a sense of wellbeing.

Friends bring benefits later in life, too. The rate of global cognitive decline in socially active senior adults was reduced by an average of 70% compared with those who socialised less often. Going it alone is now recognised as a real and quantifiable threat: “Lacking social connections carries the same risk for premature mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and exceeds the risk associated with obesity and physical inactivity,” explains Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Professor Psychology and Neuroscience, Brigham Young University.

While some people really thrive when they want to make new friends, others have a difficult time finding them. Technology can help as long as the end result is actual face-to-face time as a result of a swipe or a match.

Tabero facilitates its users to find new friends by bringing people together around tables in restaurants and other dining events to make real-life connections, network and establish new friendships. Friends with benefits add so much to our lives. They are vital nutrition that we all crave and need to help keep us healthy and connected with others and within communities that are so important to our lives.

Focusing on the fun and experiential part of our social lives helps makes sure that we’re getting enough nourishment. Tabero events are a great way to explore just some of the many different ways that our needs can be met around tables at social dining events with others looking for the same experiences to feed and serve their social sides.

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