Solving the
loneliness epidemic.

Many of us experience loneliness. Even if we are in a space full of people or with family, we can be lonely. It is about feeling separated from others, and it can make us fear change or trying something new. It can be paralysing for some of us and that is a place nobody should have to stay for any length of time.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far, go together.

Social connection is not just a great suggestion, it is an inherent, core emotional need that requires attention and nourishment. When that need is not met loneliness and isolation can set in. Online communities are helpful towards mitigating loneliness and starting online is a good place as long as that’s not the end – it must be a means to an end. Online friends can’t shake your hand or embrace you with a hug.

You’d think with development in genetic engineering, biotechnology and regenerative medicine there would be more medical-based solutions for loneliness. There isn’t.

The most common advice to combat loneliness is to take part in an activity. Your best chance of meeting new groups of friends is to book things in advance. Mentally, booking an activity immediately starts psychological nourishment and creates positive headspace in the days and weeks leading up to the activity.

Loneliness isn't about being alone, it is caused by lack of relationships that offer quality connections.

When you click to buy something online, more often than not, you’re going to get a physical item. With Tabero, it is a bit like that too, you’re going to get to meet people, physically, in-person, not virtually.

While many apps start off by being part of a digital neighbourhood which has its benefits, Tabero starts people off in the physical neighbourhood and the technology provides diners at an event to make contact during and after the event. It gives users the tools to control their connections safely and on their terms.

Feeling the same air in the same space as others was taken away from us but the vaccine is here and is working. The bounce back is starting to happen and we’re beginning to connect with people and making new friends again around dining tables in restaurants and other food and dining-based events. If you or somebody you know is feeling isolated or lonely and looking to connect with others, Tabero helps to facilitates making those all important connections.  

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