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Tech without the touch isn’t working

Single people of all ages are looking for new ways to meet and connect with others who are looking for the very same thing. The pace of life over the last couple of years has slowed down allowing us to think about the value of quality connections but we’re still relying on being connected 24/7 as much as we were prior to the shit show of the pandemic. All of the great tech we have access to is keeping us apart. We’re being bombarded with content and our feeds are becoming more and more like digital shopping centre’s shoving offers, brands and services into our faces and controlling who we engage with more and more. Our screens have taken hold of us. All of this great tech without actual touch isn’t that great and definitely isn’t working. We can’t keep up. There’s way too much info being put in front of us and its distracting us to the point of keeping us apart. But there’s hope. With restrictions being lifted, immunity building in the community and opportunities to physically meet once again with few restrictions, the chances to engage with others has increased significantly.

Tabero allows you to design your social life

When it comes to connecting and meeting others, experience is at an all time high for many. When it comes to our social sides, actual face time is needed now more than it has ever been. Tabero facilitates experiences and the chance to meet with others face-to-face with a booking and social platform that brings people together around tables in restaurants and other dining-based events. Knowing that you’re going to sit with others who’ve booked around the same table using the same platform promotes a strong sense of community and safety giving users opportunities to make new friends and connections.

‘I had recently moved into town and was looking for cool events around me, then I heard about Tabero. Loved the idea of connecting with other people while painting and over dinner. It was really nice. Highly recommend and I will certainly #DoATabero again!’Paola

So now it’s time to put down the screens a little; but only after you’ve booked of course, and choose your seat – yes you can do that – around a Tabero table with new friends. The power of choice is still ours and we’ve built exciting features within our platform to give you a level of control when making those new connections and friendships. Tabero helps you to design your social life. What kind of year are you going to design in 2022?

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